Keep spam off your network and out of corporate in-boxes. With seven different levels of spam detection and multiple best of breed email filters, Entrada guarantees elimination of 98% of all spam. And unlike other reputation services that provide only a binary 'good' or 'bad' rating, Entrada quantifies sender reputation based on granular trust ratings that automatically adjust over time. This mathematical model provides far more accurate and scalable detection than systems that simply employ a blacklist approach. Outbound spam protection locates and blocks infected machines from sending spam through the company network to help preserve your organisation's reputation.


Eliminate concerns over fast-spreading email viruses with guaranteed protection against 100% of known and unknown virus threats. Entrada Email Security Service incorporates multiple signature, heuristic and zero-day engines to provide unmatched detection of viruses and variants. These powerful filters seek out and block new threats before they can infect your company's network environment.

Backscatter Protection

Backscatter occurs when a spammer spoofs a legitimate email address to send an unsolicited message to large distribution lists, causing the email server to flood an unsuspecting email address owner's mailbox with hundreds or thousands of failed delivery messages. To protect against this growing threat, Entrada employs an advanced technique called Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV). Every sent message is marked with a timestamp and unique cryptographic signature that cannot be duplicated. Any failed delivery messages that do not reference this signature are then marked as spam and blocked from entering the user's mailbox.

Image Protection

Protect users against exposure to inappropriate images with a filter that specifically scans and analyses images. Each image's dataflow (shape, colour, texture, etc.) is converted into a digital signature which is then compared against a database of inappropriate images. If the image is similar to those blacklisted images, the email content is classified as inappropriate and action may be taken to either delete or quarantine the email. All messages containing suspect images are logged.

Data Security and Compliance

Prevent data loss and meet compliance needs with advanced content filtering abilities. Pre-defined and custom dictionaries make it easy to detect and control messages that include sensitive or inappropriate content. Pre-configured dictionaries include key terms to help your company develop email policies to comply with HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, and other regulatory compliance measures. Dictionaries can use keyword scoring to trigger custom rules once pre-defined thresholds are met or exceeded. Administrators can also use Boolean operators to create custom rules by combining subsets or supersets of dictionaries.

Email Policy Management

Manage email policies for individual users or groups with a powerful, customisable rules engine. Administrators can control where messages are sent and how they should be filtered based on specified content or events. Set rules for a number of different situations, either as an individual occurrence or as a combination of complex business events. Besides standard email actions such as block, copy, and redirect, rules can be used to alert or trigger other systems such as HR, CRM, ERP or workflow. These highly granular levels of control simplify management and monitoring of inbound and outbound email traffic.

Fast Deployment and Guaranteed Service Availability

Customer deployment can be complete in one to four days and there are no costly hardware or equipment maintenance fees. Entrada also guarantees a 99.999% service availability to ensure that customers have access to a secure email communications environment.