Email Encryption

Meet legal, compliance and regulatory standards by automatically encrypting email messages based on company email policy. This policy-based encryption service expands data loss prevention capabilities and improves the secure handling of confidential company data. Customisable encryption policies allow automatic email encryption based on existing administration rules. Users can also encrypt communications on an asneeded basis. Messages are sent securely even if the recipient does not have encryption capabilities, eliminating the need for users to manage encryption keys.

Deep Content Scanning

To further help mitigate data loss concerns and ensure the confidentiality of company information, Deep Content Scanning inspects content embedded within file attachments and remediates according to company policy. This powerful mechanism provides the ability to scan content in over 300 different file types, including compressed files.

Business Continuity

Add Business Continuity to ensure availability to critical business communications in the event of email server failure. The service provides end user access to up to 28 days of inbound and outbound email to be made available from secure, mirrored data stores via a webmail portal. And the easy-to-use portal allows users to send and receive email from any browser worldwide, ensuring important business communication is not lost during periods of downtime.