Every business is vulnerable to experiencing a serious incident, preventing it from continuing normal business operations at any time. The key question is how much this vulnerability can cost your business in terms of length of down time, loss in revenue or even the ability to recover at all.

To maintain continuity of operations, effective contingency plans combined with having key people within the business trained to respond in a manner that avoids confusion, reduces your exposure to error, minimises your downtime and potential losses while recovery takes place.

Entrada Disaster Recovery specialises in delivering comprehensive and effective business contingency to mitigate and/or eliminate risk from IT Disaster. We will help devise a disaster Recovery Plan that fits your business followed by a proactive on-going monitoring and remediation of processes, such as back-up data storage and data replication, resulting in fewer IT issues and less downtime should a crisis occur.

  • Minimized business interruption and downtime
  • Minimized periods of low productivity
  • Business survival in the event of a serious incident
  • Minimizing of financial impact
  • Vital record and information assets preservation
  • Peace of Mind