Our Data Centre

Opened in 2011, the entrada data centre facility offers the latest state of the art technology and leading edge security in one of the greenest environments in the world. We're affordable, we're hospitable and we're 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Designed from the ground up, using the latest innovations to deliver ultra high density rack space, in a secure but accessible fashion the entrada data centre is carrier neutral and has fibre terminating in the building from all the main carrier companies.

The entrada data centre uses HP converged infrastructure, an integrated solution involving HP Proliant servers, 3PAR storage with Mesh-Active controller technology and a HP Procurve network core.

Design Features:
  • Racks have been optimised to work more efficiently in a high-density environment and can sustain up to 30 kw per rack.
  • The building floor has been strengthened to accomodate up to 900 kg per square metre.
  • The power, cooling and network elements have been designed with N+1 redundancy to ensure high availability.
  • Secure half and full height high density racks designed for colocation.
  • In addition to the UPS device an onsite auto-start generator with a 24 hour fuel supply ensures uninterrupted power.
  • All cabling is Cat 6a and supports the 10GB network core.
  • Dual VESDA detection systems protect the data centre along with a FM200 gas suppression system.
  • Round the clock environmental monitoring for heat, water, humidity, power and fire.
  • State of the art hot aisle APC InRow cooling pods maximise the cooling effectiveness in the new high-density data centre.
Case Studies:

Softsource gain edge through HP Converged Infrastructure and 3PAR storage technology

"We wanted to tap into the world-class infrastructure that HP could provide. From a server, storage and networking point of view, it made commercial sense to provide everything with the interoperability connectivity afforded by HP's different product sets." Read more...